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(Draft - edited May 14th)

An organizational meeting held at the home of Dr. T. Hatlelid with nine interested people present on July 8, 1958, marked the beginning of the Outlook Alliance Church. Meetings were to be held in the Legion Hall at a cost of ten dollars for rent. 


Rev. M. Sylvester moved from Glenside, where he was pastoring the Alliance Church and took up residence in Outlook. It was at this time, that an impressive week of evangelistic services were conducted by the Rev. Orthner of Regina. From these meetings, interest grew and pledges and offerings were taken toward the purchasing of lots in the name of the Western Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. From these offerings, the Alliance Church on Progress Ave was erected and dedicated for worship November 22, 1959. 


The original church on Progress Ave was outgrown and a building project was undertaken in 1981, with the new church at 500 Conquest Ave was dedicated to God in November 1983.


Ministers of the Outlook Alliance Church over the years have been: 

Rev. M. Sylvester, 1958-1961

Pastor L. R. Hamm, 1961-1964

Pastor James T. Scorgie, 1964-1967

Rev. M. Weber, 1967-1972

Rev. Albert & Ruby Penner, 1972-1981

Rev. Robert & Diane Patterson, 1981-1986

Pastor Tim & Roxanne Brazeau, 1986-1991

Rev. Lawrence & Ruth Hahn, 1992-2001

Rev. Anthony & Carolyn Bulmer, 2002-2008

Rev. Rob & Camille Parkman, 2009-2013

Rev. Gordon & Carla Willison, 2015 -present

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