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1887 ~ PRESENT


The Christian and Missionary Alliance, or "the Alliance" as it is most often known, is an evangelical denomination with a Canadian representation of some 375 churches, 1,200 official workers, 230 career missionaries, and 85,000 members and regular attenders. Internationally, the Alliance includes some 7,500 churches, 1,200 career missionaries, and 2.5 million members on six continents.

Founded in 1887 at Old Orchard, Maine, by Dr. Albert B. Simpson, a Canadian-born Presbyterian minister, the C&MA was originally established as an evangelical foreign missionary organization that received support from an alliance of Christians from several denominations and nationalities.  A.B. Simpson entered the ministry at age 21, after graduating from Knox College in Toronto. He became pastor of the Knox Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, and in his eight years there, saw some 750 persons added to the membership. He then pastored a respected church in a major American city, but his spirit soon grew discontented 

as he assessed his congregation in light of the city and its need. During a time of fervent prayer, he became aware that before anything could happen in his church, something must first happen to him. As he sought and surrendered to God, Simpson experienced an anointing of the Spirit that transformed him and his ministry. 


This experience was at the heart of Simpson's "Fourfold Gospel"--the Alliance emphasis on the believer's relationship with Christ as Saviour (cross), Sanctifier (laver), Healer (oil pitcher), and Coming King (crown)--and sparked what was to become the Christian and Missionary Alliance of today.

A.B. Simpson


Christ our Healer

Christ our Savior

Christ our Sanctifier

Christ our Coming King




Ambrose University College is located in Calgary, Alberta, providing training for men and women for service in the church and society.  Be sure to visit their website:

CTS-East is an extension site of Canadian Theological Seminary based in Toronto, emphasizing cross-cultural urban evangelism and church planting. Vancouver is the base for CTS-West, another extension site of our seminary.



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